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After a long hiatus, I was finally able to update my webpage.

Few things happened in the meantime:

  1. Our paper titled “Eccentricity advances arrival to perception” got out @ JEP:G. Here, we investigated how a visual moment is perceived in time. We found that two objectively simultaneous instants are not perceived that way across the fovea and periphery. Specifically, peripheral instants are perceived as occuring earlier compared to the foveal events. Read the paper to know more

  2. Our paper titled “Spatiotemporal jump detection during continuous film viewing” got out @ JOV. Here, we investigated how sensitive people are to disruptions when viewing naturalistic films. Participants watched 1min clips from the movie 1917 while being eye tracked. During an occasional saccade, the videos jumped either forward or backward in time. Using this novel temporal change blindness paradigm, we showed that participants are more sensitive to backward jumps more than forward jumps. We think knowledge about unfolding temporal information facilitates temporal visual processing, and could help with the jump detection. Read the paper to know more

  3. Our paper titled “Spatiotemporal jump detections during continuous film viewing: Insights from a flicker paradigm” just got accepted at AP&P. This paper established that the sensitivity during jumps in the above paper is not tied to the eye movements themselves. We showed this using a novel temporal change blindness flicker paradigm. Here is the link to the paper.

  4. Oh, I also got a new job @ WashU starting this July 2023. That meant another fun cross country trip!

I will try to post more regularly going forward. Something exciting is brewing. Watch this space!